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Selecting the right speaker for your event is crucial. It’s a make or break decision that can mean the difference between an engaged audience or one that’s just waiting to run out the door. Almon draws upon his experience as a world-class athlete, coach, author and consultant to deliver the right message to the right audience every time. His down-to-earth nature quickly puts people at ease; whether it’s an audience of seasoned CEOs or high school athletes.

His singular goal is for attendees to leave recharged and ready to take on the world. Almon’s past clients include large corporations, such as Cisco and CSX, as well as professional football teams, bank and financial groups, educators and students. He can develop a personalized program to fit any industry vertical. If you are searching for a speaker for hire, Almon will not disappoint.

Keynote Speaker

Almon loves to share what he has learned through his past experiences, but it is his unbridled zest for life that will truly empower audiences. His stories seamlessly translate to life on and off the field, inspiring audiences to reach higher and to give more. His no-nonsense approach is both entertaining and relatable, making him the perfect keynote speaker for any upcoming conference, seminar or event.

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Motivational Speaker

A good motivational speaker knows how to light a fire under a crowd. He or she is passionate, well-spoken and can connect with an audience in minutes. This is where Almon shines. He believes that people do their best work when they have the right attitude and the right tools. His positive energy is contagious and his message is simple – think creatively, push harder and always go the extra mile.

Workshop Facilitator

Do you want to increase attendance and engagement at your next workshop? Almon has extensive experience facilitating workshops for business leaders, management teams, employees and athletic teams. Through interactive lessons and role play, attendees not only identify their own short comings, but also develop the necessary skills to overcome them.



Is your office, organization or athletic team having trouble working together? Almon can help you engage employees, addresses road blocks, and increase collaboration through teambuilding exercises and workshops.


Coach Almon, as he is affectionately known in many circles, thrives in a school setting. His many years of coaching students and working with school administrators gives him a unique perspective that allows him to connect instantly with his audience. His teambuilding activities are not only entertaining, but also enlightening. Attendees will leave feeling empowered and ready to work together.


Almon can help your employees find the right balance by identifying the core components of teamwork and the road blocks that may be preventing them from being their best. He’ll share his experiences and explain how each person plays a role in the team’s success.


Non-profits, civic groups and other community organizations are not immune to workplace strife and negativity. From paid employees to ongoing volunteers, it can be difficult to find the right balance without a little help. Almon can give your group the right tools and motivation to work together as a team.

Teambuilding workshops can be tailored to half-day and full-day workshops, or presented as individual exercises over the course of several weeks. Almon will develop an individualized plan to address your needs and exceed your expectations. There are also several pre-planned programs

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This is just a small sampling of some of the different speaking programs available. If your school, organization or business is looking for something different, let’s talk. Almon can create half-day and full-day workshops that meet your specific needs, as well as motivational or keynote speeches tailored to any type of audience. By working together, we can achieve more.